4f. Neck Wrap Push Away

Shown: Underarm turn followed
by a Neck Wrap Push Away

"...two things at
the same time"

On 3-4, he gently
pushes off the lady

and catches her hands
just before the backstep.

The gent uses the underarm turn to switch the lady's right hand from his left to his right hand, thereby putting the couple in the handshake position (right hand to right hand). The handshake is commonly referred to as cross-hands position, but the latter is not as descriptive. We'll call it the handshake position.

From the handshake position on 1-2, the gentleman does two things at the same time: 1) he lifts the held hand of the lady over his head and places it on the back of his neck; and 2) he bends his knees and puts his hand on the lady's side, waist high.

This figure is similar to the previous one, the neck wrap slide away, except here the couple need to be in handshake position. Though the leader used the underarm turn to effect the hand change, he could have used other figures, or, he could have just changed hands without a figure.

As with most dance figures (underarm turn, the "catch", whatever), some form of the push away appears over and over in various kinds of dancing. For a look at how west coast swing incorporates the push away, click here. If dancers are coming to east coast swing from other types of dancing, they should be sure to try to apply the dance figures from other dances to east coast swing.

1 - 2Man puts lady's hand on his own back
3 - 4gentle push and catch
5 - 6backstep

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