4b. Underarm turn to closed position (The Catch)

Of all the dance moves on this site, this will elicit the most smiles. The lady is not expecting it, but when she turns around, she will be in a closed position rather than the usual open position following an underarm turn.

The trick to this is 2-fold: 1), the gent has to travel right (directionally speaking) to position himself; and 2) he must correctly calculate the time and height for his right hand to catch the lady's waist.

The gent re-connects on 4 by
holding his hand waist high and
allowing the lady to turn into it.
The backstep immediately follows.
The gent's hand should land waist high at the lady's left side. As she completes the turn, the man's hand will slide to her back.

One out of 15 ladies or so will carry their left arm pinned to their side, and there will not be any room for the gent to get a hand where it is supposed to go. No problem, smile and abort to open position.

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