3c. Underarm turn using kick step

Doing an underarm turn using a kick step requires somewhat more balance than doing it with the triple step or basic single step. The gent and lady have to be careful to not pull each other off balance.

The trick is to kick without
pulling one's partner off balance

Style Point: The kicking foot
should be nearly parellel to
the floor.Kicks look best when
the toes are not pointed upward.

To review the feet rhythms, the feet can be doing any of 3 patterns so far:

  • Single step,
  • Triple step, and
  • Kick step
Since statements which are 90% true are often helpful, here is one: The 3 feet rhythms have been illustrated to this point using the underarm turn, but the rhythms can be used for any move. Practice and experimentation will define the 10% where interchangeability does not apply.

And here's another 90%er -- Though usually the lady will do whatever feet pattern she sees the man doing, it is not necessary for her to do so. For instance, the gent could be doing the kick step basic while the lady does the single step. as long as neither is pulling the other off balance, it works. Experiment!

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