2d. Waist turn to closed position, tuck turn to open position

It's usual to go back and forth alot from closed to open position within the same dance. Here on the first 6 counts Bob and Eva do a single step basic:

Side, Pause, Side, Pause, Back-step

The lady keeps her hand waist
high on the gent as he turns,
so he knows where to quickly
pick up that hand on the re-

The gent keeps his right
arm raised in the
football handoff position.

Style point: It looks good to
turn your head in the direction
you are turning, as Bob does

On the second 6 counts Bob uses the two steps before the back-step to turn around, and Eva uses the two single steps to travel across. Eva knows to travel across because Bob "told her" with gentle pressure or steering on her right hand. Had Eva not followed the lead, Bob would have adjusted by traveling to her.

The couple are in closed position just in time to do a backstep, and immediately Bob leads the same tuck turn exit from closed position shown on the previous page.

The next chapter looks at the underarm turn, the most common jitterbug step next to the basic step.

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