2c. Closed Position Tuck turn to open position

The lead begins on the first backstep where the gent brings the lady back further than normal. This, by the way, is not very apparent, but it's more stylish because on the next step (the 1st count) the lady is brought in front of the Gent (this is the tuck) and she has to step bigger because of the bigger backstep she has taken.

It's not absolutely necessary to take a bigger back step before a tuck turn.

The man stops the woman at the tuck using both his right and left hands before he reverses her direction for the turn. The turn is led with slight pressure primarily from the man's hand on the lady's back. The feeling is slingshotish, first one way and then a release the other way.

In the tuck turn or any underarm turn, an adjustment of the handhold (gent's left, lady's right) is required. The hands maintain contact but slide to correct for the turn.

So as not to hurt the lady's
elbow or shoulder on the turn,
the gent continues to touch
the lady's hand but is not
grasping it

Notice both Eva's and Bob's feet maintain the "step, hold, step, hold, back - step" feet rhythm throughout the move. Eva in particular covers a lot of ground but her feet nevertheless step with the same rhythm.

The video ends just as the "back" of "backstep" is about to occur.

On the next page, Bob and Eva get into and out of closed position in a flash. The "out of" part is the same tuck turn as on this page but the time spent in closed position is just 2 counts.

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