2a. Open position to closed position

Bob and Eva do a single step basic (short for "single step to each side followed by a backstep") and then Bob puts his right hand on her back to assume closed position. If Bob were holding both of Eva's hands, which is an option while dancing in open position, He would simply leave go of Eva's left hand before "closing". The "feet rhythm" remains the same for both sets of 6 counts in the video --

step (hold) step (hold) back step (4 steps in 6 counts)

Hands low on
counts 1 - 2

From closed position, you can change the feet rhythm -- when and if you want to,-- to the kick step basic (short for kick step to each side followed by a backstep) or the triple step basic (previous video).

The next page shows the simplest change from closed position to open position.

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