1f. Closed Position

This is the single step basic step in closed position. His hand on her back, her hand on the top of his shoulder, the couple standing at a slight angle to each other (a "V" shape) -- that's closed position.

Closed position, a "V"

On the backstep, there's the choice to open the "V" shape on "back" (photo, below) and to return to the normal "V" (photo, above) on "step".

On the "back" of back-step (count 5),
the "V" opens. It closes on
the "step" of back-step
(count 6)

In this video, Bob and Eva use a single step basic but they could just as easily use the triple step basic or the kick step basic. An example of a move in closed position using the triple step is found at 1g. The next chapter, "Position Transition", shows various ways to get from closed position to open position and the other way around, which brings up the question: "Which position does jitterbug start in?"

In jitterbug it probably doesn't make much difference how you start, whether in closed or open position, but most dancers seem to start in open position. In other dances, west coast swing for example, the convention is to start from closed position. But either works.

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