1e. Kick Step - the feet

In the video, Bob and Eva's feet do a single step basic and then start kick step basics. Why the single step basic first? No reason. All these basic step jitterbug feet rhythms are interchangeable, and as mentioned on a previous page, the leader and follower do not have to do the same feet rhythm, though usually they do.

If the gent switches from single step to kick step, the lady knows to follow (if she chooses to) only by sight which means she won't be kicking on the first step or two.

Once you get the kick step basic down (no pun intended), you can apply it to any assortment of jitterbug moves limited only by your ingenuity, coordination and stamina.

Again, a word about "feet rhythm": The more common usage is footwork or foot pattern, but either of the more common terms could also suggest where the feet are placed in addition to the rhythm of quick steps and slow steps. Our focus for now is on the sequences of quicks and slows only, regardless of where the feet may be placed. Thus, "feet rhythm".

The kick hinges at the knee,
not at the hip

To review, "foot rhythm" is what the feet do timingwise.

So far, everything has been in open position. That is, the man has hold of at least one hand of the lady and does not have his right hand on her back. It's time for closed position, the subject of the next moves.

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