1d. Kick Step Basic

This is the kick step basic step. A "Kick step basic step" is a kick step to each side followed by the backstep.

The kick looks best if the toes
are not pointed too far upward

Verbalizing Dance Steps: Here's some dance lingo for the 3 basic steps already discussed: single step basic, triple step basic and kick step basic. Note that the 5th and 6th counts are always the same -- back-step. It's only the 1st 4 counts that differ. When you attend dance classes, the instructors will talk this way and it would help you to understand it. Let's start with the newest, the kick step basic:

Kick, down, kick, down, back - step (6 words for six counts)

That's straightforward enough. Now for a new description of the single step basic:

Step, hold, Step, hold, back - step (6 words for six counts)

We added the word "hold" twice to account for that extra beat.

And lastly, the trickiest of the three, the triple step basic. If this is confusing, don't spend too much time on it, it's not critical. If you understand what is going on in the video, you've got the concept of the triple step. We're showing here how instructors and dancers might talk about the step:

One and Two, Three and Four, back - step (8 words for 8 steps in 6 counts)

The word "and" signifies a quick step between two other steps. For those with music background, "and" makes a triplet from 2 quarter notes and the triplet begins and ends at the same time as 2 quarter notes would -- but with the extra note (step) in between. Phhhew, if this is not clear, again, it's not critical.

Diagrams are not for everyone, but if it helps, here's a diagram:

Stepping through Jitterbug's Six Even Counts with Kick Steps



Men Do

kick with leftput kicking left foot downkick with rightput right kicking foot downback (left)forward (right)

Women Do

kick with rightput kicking right foot downkick with leftput left kicking foot down back (right)forward (left)

The next page shows a close-up video of the kick step basic.

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