1c. Single Step and Triple Step Basic Steps

Bob and Eva's feet do 2 sequences of single step jitterbug (slow, slow, backstep) and within the same song switch into triple step (tri-ple-step, tri-ple-step, backstep).

While usually both partners would be doing the same sequence as the other, if one were to do single step and the other triple step, it would work. If he or she wants to do single step or triple step, either is fine.

Notice that the feet remain close together.

On any of the basic steps (single,
triple, or kick), the feet remain
close together

A word or two about the language used. "Single Step" is short for "Single Step to each side", and ""Triple Step" is short for "Triple step to each side". Both describe what the feet do on the first 2 counts to the one side and again on the 3rd and 4th counts to the other side. Both are followed by the backstep.

The next page shows the kick step basic step, with "kick step" being short for "kick step to each side" followed by the backstep.

So, so far we've seen and discussed two versions of the basic step. The next page shows probably the least used but most athletically challenging of the basic steps, the kick step basic.

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