Progressive Side Switch Turn

Outside arms are raised

She takes a wide side step
With his right hand and
forearm, he's about to...

...stop her. It's a simple
matter now to......


DT: Monique, we did the brainstorming for it, so let's talk about the title we gave this figure. "Progressive"?

Monique: The move travels in the line of dance.

DT: "Side switch"?

Monique: We switch sides.

DT: "Turn"?

Monique: We are turning as we switch sides.

DT: So she is to your right...

Morley: ...and I cross in front of her to change sides.

Monique: The follower also cheats to the other side while the leader crosses in front of her.

Morley: And any time the follower is on my right, I have the option to go back to closed position.

DT: Here when you go back to closed position, you continue the turning in the same direction.

Morley: That's right, or correct. The momentum is already to the right so why not just keep turning.

Monique: It makes for a smooth transition. The momentum is not interrupted.

DT: I know you spend a lot of time on your transitions. How important are they?

Monique: If the transitions are smooth, it's the difference between good and really good, both for the dancers and anyone watching them.

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