Perpendicular to one another.

Watch the path of her
left forearm

The transition to closed
position is easy because
she is right there. The
photo underscores that the
lady has to be careful
in bringing her left fore-
arm past the front of the
man's face.

DT: Morley, during the underarm turn, you travel in the opposite direction of Monique. Why so?

Morley: It looks better with both of us moving, and it makes it easier for her -- she does not have to do all the traveling. And she is turning here and I am not, so it makes sense that I should travel and give her a little more time to turn.

DT: So when you travel, she does not have to travel as far and has more time and energy for her turn?

Morley: Exactly.

DT: Monique, can you say something about the arms?

Monique: The arms are important to a polished look, not just in this figure, but always. Here, Morley is drawing a complete circle with his arm and my arm. It doesn't have to be -- this figure could have an oval or partial circle -- but a complete circle with the arms looks the best.

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