Turn with Back Push Lead

The man's hand is
directly over his head.
Arms are relaxed.

The arm is brought down

...until it goes up again...

...and he goes under.

DT: Monique, there's a double turn there before the "shove".

Monique: I have nothing to do with that. That was the leader (laughs). Of course, the figure would be simplified with a single turn.

Morley: The leader has to know or guage whether his partner can do a double turn comfortably. Monique can do it, so why not?

DT: Do it comfortably?

Morley: Sure, you're not competing with your partner, you're dancing with her. If it's a strain or awkward or the music is too fast, why lead her to do something she can't do with grace.

DT: So if we started a concession selling t-shirts with "Only with grace, Please!" printed on the front of them, you believe a lot of followers would buy them for their partners.

Morley: You may sell a lot of t-shirts. (laughs)

Monique: It is not just with single turns and double turns, but with any move that requires quick movement or flexibility, the leader has to be aware of the limitations of his partner.

DT: And vice versa?

Monique: Well no, because the leader decides what the move is, not the follower.

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