He sends her as if starting
an outside right turn before

... bringing her back the
other way to an inside left
turn. His hand is directly
over her head most of the
time while
she is
This slingshot effect --going
a little one way before
reversing in the opposite
direction is referred to
(unhelpfully in our view)
as a "tuck turn", first a
tuck, then a turn.

He is about to change from
her right hand to her left

Here he has the issue a-
gain where he is cross-hands
and needs to get to standard
hands position. So, as he did
in the backslapper, he leads br>

free turn (hands free
turn) and...


Unlike the backslapper which started in left-to-left and right-to-right handhold position, in this figure, the couple starts in standard hand position (right-to-left and left-to-right), but progresses to a left-to-left handhold. The switch happens before the lady comes out of the turn (see 3rd photo, left).

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