Introduction to Polish-American Polka 2

We should mention too that this section is truly for show-offs. The average Polish-American polka dancer would not do anything past the figures in level 1, and even the later level 1 figures are a stretch. But we have Morley Leyton and Monique Legaré to show us how, so why not?!

Folks, this is a difficult dance! Polish-American polka is deceptively difficult due to its stylistic "bounce", a stepping on bent knees and then rising before stepping on a bent knee again. Also there's an optional hop on count 4, so that would mean step-step-step-hop. The hop is a little tricky because it is not exactly on count 4 but is after it, and just before count 1. As we said, the hop's optional so you can do it or leave it out.

Could the dance be done with a step-step-step-hold pattern entirely, without the hop on count 4 (oops, meant to say count 4 and 1/2/)? Yes, but as Monique Legaré explained in Polish-American Polka 1, the hop helps in traveling and it looks great. A dancer can travel further in 4 steps than he/she can in 3, even if the fourth step is a hop.

We were surprised to learn -- so we will tell you -- that there are regular Polish-American polka dances in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area (and reportedly in most parts of the Mid and Eastern United States) which are heavily attended enough to support quality live music. Our thanks go to one such band, the Walt Wagner Polka Band, for allowing us to use their music.


Have Fun!
January 17, 2004

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