The Illusion (Vertical Blind)

She is on his right...

She is on his right still...


Now both rotate...

...and she is on his left.

A few counts later,
she slides over in
response to his lead...

She is back on his right.

DT: Ok, what's the illusion?

Morley: We start rotating right side by side, and during that the leader turns the follower and himself (3rd photo) so that she is switched to his left side.

DT: It's always a source of confusion, so Morley, would you define "rotating right"?

Morley: Whatever shoulder leads to the back first, that is the direction. So there are right turns and right rotations with the right shoulder leading to the back. For leaders and followers, it's the same thing.

Monique: The leader cheats during the turn to position himself on the lady's other side, her right side.

DT: So you go from his right to her left, to her right to his left.

Monique: It's like a vertical blind being turned the other way. But that is only half of it. We switch back. The second switch is less flashy.

DT: You couldn't do that vertical blind thing again that you did during the first switch to left-right [man's left to woman's right**].

Monique: Because of the way we're turning we can't, no. He just slides me across in front of him.

**With "lefts" and "rights", the shorthand is that it's always the man first, lady second. So, "left-right" means man's left to woman's right. In the context above, the reference is to which side is next to the other (his left side is next to her right side). More often the references are to hands or feet (for example, "left-right", his left hand to her right hand).

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