Alternating Underarm Turns

To get from here... here, the leader steps
back and extends his arms.

A gentlemanly thing to do --
She goes one way and
he goes the opposite
which has the effect
of cutting down the
distance the lady has
to travel.

Morley: This is another non-traveling figure, so it is done in the center or in a corner. There are figures called "freestyle" which are borrowed from swing dancing. We have done a number of them in the first section and this section -- The man wrap, the cuddle, she-goes-he-goes are "freestyle".

DT: It's just an underarm turn with the leader traveling back and forth almost in a slot?

Morley: That's all.

DT: You had mentioned that a lot of figures are borrowed from other dances, either by yourselves or others.

Monique: What we called before the turn with the push-on-the-back lead we actually brought over from salsa, though I am sure others already were doing it.

DT: This is the final figure for section 2, so I wanted to ask to what degree the figures are "lead and follow", and to what degree they are choreographed?

Monique: All the figures are led, nothing is preset that we do.

Morley: Having familiarity with your partner helps. We have been dancing together for over 20 years. A familiar partner will "read" the leads more quickly than an unfamiliar partner.

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