Polish-American Polka Demonstration (1:10, file size 3M)

(In the order of appearance:)

Couple turn into an Underarm Turn

Touch Backs,

Traveling turn exit from Domino Position,

Criss Crossing Underarm Turns,

Man Wraps,

Arm Wave, Turn with a Push-on-her-back Lead, she goes under, he goes under,

Washing Machine, which is a kind of Back Slapper with no slap, and


Skating Position Switches

DT: Morley, you threw some other figures in there, didn't you?

Morley: Just a couple.To start and to make the transitions it was necessary to do that. But most of the Polka 2 figures are mixed in.

DT: Could you list them here?

Morley: Sure, in the order they appear in the video:[See next to the video, above.]

DT: And you transitioned to domino position somewhere in there.

Monique: Yes, that's not really a figure, but a transition. Somewhere in there we did. Anywhere you can change hands you can find your way to domino position.

DT: Well, that concludes Polish-American polka 2. Morley Leyton and Monique Legaré , thank you both very much.

Morley: You are certainly welcome.

Monique: Our pleasure.

The end of Polish-American Polka 2. Work hard and have a ball!

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