Exiting Domino Position via an Underarm Turn

DT: Before the beginning of the underarm turn, she slides ahead and in front of you?

Morley: I lead her to do that. The reason for it is that she has to have room to turn, and it's better if we are square -- not side by side -- when we change to closed position.

DT: Monique, I know you and Morley do double turns out of this. Here it is only a single turn. How do you know it's only a single turn -- or do you as the follower influence whether it's a single or double turn?

Monique: Here there is no lead to do a double turn. He has let go of my hands to go back to closed position, so there is no request for a second turn. The answer to the second part of your question is no, I never decide on the number of turns. The follower is always determining what the leader is asking her to do.

DT: Morley gets to decide everything!

Morley: Only while we're dancing. (laughs)

Monique: Yes, the leader makes the decisions but there are factors -- the music, how tired I am or he is...

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