Wrap to the Right and Left (Cuddle)

"Elastic". Away, then....

towards the leader.

Right wrap rotation

Then around...

...to the...

...left wrap.

DT: The previous two figures were entitled “Wrap to the Right” and Wrap to the Left". In the "Wrap to the right", for instance, the lady's left is against the man's right. Whose right? Whose left?

Morley: The man's. Titles of figures reference the leader's body.

DT: And that is universally true, in polka and other dances?

Morley: AS far as I know.

DT: Morley, can the leader do anything to assist the follower in all that turning.

Morley: The leader can move his hand in an arc over her head.

DT: Monique, is it harder to turn with certain leaders than with others?

Monique: Some leaders just lift the arm and don’t help with the turn, or they just say “turn” and it is usually clear that that is what they want you to do. It is not a problem, you adapt to the partner that you have.

DT: That is generally true, one adapts to one’s partner?

Monique: Yes.

Morley: Absolutely.

For Comparison:
For a look at the swing dance version of the wrap to right and then to left, click here.

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