Wrap to the Right (Cuddle)

"Elastic" -- pulling away....

...before moving forward.

Leader is already rotating
before wrap is finished.



...back to closed position.

DT: Monique, from the followerís perspective, what are you doing here?

Mornique: The way we started, you have to have your basic step by pulling away from your partner. Actually, your partner is going to pull and you will feel that elastic kind of feeling which is when you extend your two arms and you are pulling away from your partner and then he brings you in. So thatís the preparation. So I have the feeling I am doing my step in place but almost pulling back, and then he pulls me after that and then I do my traveling step to roll into his arm.

DT: Is he leading you to the elastic part, which is quite visible in the video I think.

Monique: Yes.

DT: How does he lead that?

Monique: He extends his arms and pulls away from me. And as soon as I see him doing that it tells me this is what I have to do.

DT: Could an unfamiliar partner lead you in this?

Monique: The thing is this kind of feeling is typical of polka dancing, -- you bounce away to come back. Itís like when you plant your feet and turn. This is a kind of a general feeling. So when you know the dance, you know that you have to do that. If someone doesnít know the dance, at the beginning they wonít know to do this. But once you know the dance, you know that it will come.

Morley: Polka dancers give weight. So if I let my arms straighten out and go away from her, she will do the equal and opposite.

DT: There is a lot of movement here. Is the foot rhythm the same? I hate to say footwork because footwork also includes direction as well as rhythm.

Morley: It is the same rhythm.

DT: So once you get the figures down, they are done over the same stepping sequence-- bounce bounce bounce -- just as in jitterbug itís side side backstep and in cha cha itís step step cha cha cha?

Monique: In all kinds of directions and all kinds of intensity, the same -- bounce bounce bounce and a-bounce bounce bounce.

DT: I notice in some of the traveling figures you lift your foot back on the hop. Do you have a system for that.

Monique: Itís improvisational, you do it when you feel it.

Morley: Lifting to the back is useful in competitions but itís a bit away from the mainstream for beginners.

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