Wrap to the Left (Cuddle)

When she hops, he pulls her...

He guides her to his left...

Now unwinding...

He helps her around...

...forward. Arm rises.

...and circles to accomodate

...fingertips to fingertips.

...to closed position.

DT: Monique, would there be any difference in the left wrap, that is, from the wrap to the right?

Monique: There is a slight difference for the same reason if you do ......if you write with your right hand it’s hard to write with the left ... there is a side that most people favor when they turn. I feel more comfortable on the one side than on the other one. But this is a normal thing, a physical thing.

DT: Is a right-handed person right-legged also?

Monique: Not necessarily.

DT: That answer surprises me.

Monique: I have noticed this more in ballet -- which I also teach– that most right-handed people favor turns to the right and most left-handed people do turns more easily to the left, but there are some people who are the opposite, and turn more easily to the other side. I have noticed this over and over.

Morley: There is another difference that when she snuggles into my right, she is against my forearm, but when she is on my left, she is less in my forearm and I have to use my wrist much more.

DT: The only thing that is not symmetrical right and left in this figure is the feet, so that must account for any difference.

Morley: I am not sure why, but that’s my experience. I have an easier time on the right side.

DT: The wrap is similar to the cuddle in swing dance. In fact it is the same, as a lot of figures are the same, except for the feet. Does a swing dancer learning polka come to the dance already with a bag of figures?

Morley: Every dance borrows from others. There are a lot of what you would call swing figures in polka but they are done in four counts rather than in 6.

DT: They are done faster?

Morley: Yes.

Monique: Actually, the overall shape of the step is the same but the timing is different -- the timing is different and how you lead it is sometimes different.

Morley: And the “swing dance” variations are non-traveling steps in polka, as they are in swing. In polka, you would have to do them in the center or in the corner of the room, out of the way of the mainstream of traveling dancers.

DT: So you don’t block traffic?

Morley: Yes.

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