Traveling Outside Underarm Turn

The beginning of the turn --
Watch where the leader goes.

He circles here and...

...reconnects here.

Morley: This is the most difficult figure in the group. The key is for the leader to start the lead of the lady turning by herself with your back to the center, but you should try to be ahead of her when you pick her up to continue the basic step.

DT: That means she is turning more than a full turn, more than 360 degrees before the pick-up?

Morley: Slightly.

DT: What is the gender balance in Polka -- I should say in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States?

Morley: Well, currently, most people come to the polka dances with partners. There is not a lot of mixing. When anyone wants to dance with a lady who has a partner, they ask permission of the partner.

Monique: I never really thought about that, but I realize that that is very consistent. People who want to dance with a lady ask the gentleman and they dance one or two dances with that person.

Morley: And they usually bring the lady back to the gentleman.

Monique: So, yeah, they take you and they bring you back.

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