Traveling Right Turn - with hop

(This is the hop just
before count 1) A-.... (side left)

...two (together)

...three (back)

...five (small right)

...six (small left) (big forward right)

Lift-off on seven

Landing on 8 1/2, which
is followed by the 1-2-3-
and-hop again, etc.

DT: For the same reason that waltz is taught in 6's and not 3's, polka is a dance of 8's.

Morley: That's right. If the man starts left right left and does not step on the fourth count, or even if he hops again on his left, the next count 1 starts with his right. So the first measure he starts on his left and the second measure he starts on his right, and the woman does the opposite.

DT: So, if you are not stepping the same lefts and rights measure to measure, you think of a sequence as 2 measures long.

Morley: That's right.

DT: It looks like at the beginning you are stepping side left on 1, together on 2, and back left on 3 in order to start the rotation.

Morley: It's to the side but because I am swiveling, the "side steps" are forward the line of dance. I have to get around her and then get out of her way so she can step straight forward.

DT: Because of the direction of the rotation or turn, the man's side steps are always with his left, but not all lefts are side steps?

Morley: Yes. DT: And the second 4 counts?

Morley: Again, the second 4 counts are different because the first step for the man is right, not left. The left right then are small in the second measure but the 3rd step is a bigger straight ahead left step, followed by the hop and the side left step on one again.

DT: Monique, any tips for followers on this figure?

Monique: Followers should stay in front the man and our chests should be parallel. The distance between us should not change on the rotation. If the man has good frame, both of those things are easy to do.

DT: This is a traveling right turn. Is there a traveling left turn, or counterclockwise turn**, as there is in waltz?

Morley: Yes, but the right couple turn is much easier than the left couple turn. In the right turn you only have to do seven-eighths of a turn. In the left turn you have to do a 1 1/8 turn.

** Terminology: Clockwise and Counterclockwise:
The reference is looking down from above. If looking down from above, are the couple turning clockwise or counterclockwise?

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