Traveling Right Mutual Rotation (a/k/a Right Turning)

For the Gentleman:


back - with adjustments
for the arc they are

DT: Morley, is there a technique for smooth traveling?

Morley: You have to have a good frame and relaxed knees.

Monique: Give weight and keep your feet underneath yourself. It is a personal thing, this is how I do it Ė I donít teach it this way Ė but I want to get carried away, I want to use the music, I want to do my half-turn and my other half-turn on the music. I always think of half turn and half turn. I do my half-turn and he does his half-turn and we always do half-turn half-turn half-turn half-turn. Itís like the music carries you and you always have this accent at the beginning Ė go forward, go forward. Itís an emotional thing in my case. Thatís how I get through the turn. (laughs)

DT: Okay. The same figure appears on the next page, only with a hop. We'll take up the discussion there.

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