Traveling Basic Step - with hop

On the hop, high and up...

An embellishment, she kicks
to the back on the hop

The hop again.

DT: Okay, here we are adding a hop. When do you do it?

Monique: It's optional. You can do it without the hop or with the hop, either one.

DT: And the hop would be on what count?

Morley: That’s tricky, because in Polish-American polka it is between the 4th and 1st count.

Monique There are versions of polka where the bounce is on the 4th count. “One two three hop, One two three hop” or preceding the 1st count depending on how you want to count it. In Polish-American polka, the hop is very late, so you have “One two three, hold, a-One two three hold, a one two three hold”.

DT: Sounds subtle.

Morley: A ballroom polka goes “step together step hop” where the hop is on the 4th count.

DT: If you were doing a ballroom polka step or another kind of polka step, would the figures of Polish-American polka work, that is, the figures which you will explain in these sections.

Morley: Yes, the figures could be done to any variation of polka. We prefer the look and feel of Polish-American polka, but the figures could be done to any polka, perhaps with an adjustment or two. I was introduced to polka in Czechoslovakia, and it was “step together step hop”. And changing to Polish-American polka was not a big change. The reverse would also be true.

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