Traveling Basic Step

While the man steps right....

...the lady steps left

DT: Here the man is going forward and the lady backward. There is nothing uncommon about that.

Monique: Thatís very standard.

Morley: Standard closed position. The man's first step is his left, and the lady's is with her right, also standard in almost all couple dances.

DT: We have issues of frame, I am sure. Morley, how would you describe frame from the leaderís perspective?

Morley: It means keeping your right arm high and horizontal and keeping your right hand around the ladyís shoulder blade and using your bicep muscles so that when the lady presses on your arm, you donít give. You have to keep her in that frame.

DT: Why is it important?

Morley: If there is no frame, the man will always be trying not to walk into the lady. If there is frame, he doesn't have to worry about that, when he moves she will move.

DT: Monique, how would you describe frame for the follower?

Monique: It is pretty much the same in any kind of social dance. When the man moves the lady has to move at the same time, so they have to be connected. The lady has to press her back against the manís arm and keep her arms firm, not totally tense, but firm.

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