Changing Back & Forth to Side by Side

Side by side open position

When Monique swivels to
closed position, for a
moment her left standing
leg is crossed in front
of her right leg.

DT: Does the clip show an exercise or an often used figure?

Morley: In the video, itís an exercise. We wouldnít change back and forth more often than every 16 measures or even 32 measures. The video shows though how to do it.

DT: Morley I presume you are leading this switch....

Morley: Everything is led.

DT: ...from side by side to closed standard position?

Morley: Everything is led.

DT: How are you leading it?

Morley: With the right hand and the wrist.

DT: Monique, I am sure Morley leads this comfortably for you. If someone were to lead it badly, what would they do?

Monique: I donít know. (laughter) If we are talking about the figure going from side by side to in front of the leader, it is hard to do it badly . When the partner wants to switch he just uses his hand.

DT: Are there other figures doable from side by side, or is it just back to standard closed position?

Monique: Well, itís used a lot for resting. I mean you use that position when you have been doing something fancy and where you need to get yourself together. So itís more or less like a resting step, putting yourself together. There are other figures in side by side like going back and forth putting your hands together like a revolving door. And there are couples that bounce their bodies out and in from the side by side position, but we donít do that figure.

Morley: You can kick from side by side position.

Monique: Thatís true. You can vary the basic step, more bending in your legs, you can kick, you can cross your legs back and forth. There are a lots of other things you can do.

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