Traveling Side by Side Basic Step - with hop

DT: What’s the difference in traveling side by side in open position with the hop and without the hop?

Higher and off the floor
on the hop
Morley: The energy level, more travel.

DT: But it can be done either way?

Morley: Yes.

DT: If you were side by side in open position, if the leader hops does the follower hop, or doesn’t it matter?

Monique: If you have your arm on your partner, the follower knows if he is hopping or not. If he doesn’t hop, I don’t hop. If you start hopping, you travel more, so the follower may need to hop to keep up. As a practical matter, the follower and leader would be hopping or not hopping the same from this position, side by side open position.

Morley: When the floor is crowded, the leader wouldn’t hop as much. There would be less room to travel.

DT: And even with the hop, one needs to bend the knees?

Monique: Yes. When we say bend, we are talking about contacting the floor with a slightly bent knee. The weight is on the balls of the feet and eventually the heel may touch down, and it is done with the knees slightly bent.

DT: If you put the hop in there, does that change the bend in the knee?

Morley: The height increases, but the bend is the same. Down up.

DT: In this Polish-American polka 1 section, we have a few figures which are shown with the hop and without the hop and where the hop is optional, and there are other figures that require a hop. Is that so?

Morley: You left one out. There are also moves that require one partner to hop and not the other, depending on who is traveling. In the wrap [later in this section], the leader has to do a lot of steering but is standing in one place, but the follower moves a lot.

Monique: I hop a lot in the wrap to get to where he is leading me.

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