Inside Underarm Turn (in place)

At this moment, the follower's
legs are fairly straight
and in a moment, they
will be...

...bent. The knees are bent
on the count. The leader
positions his right hand
for the hook-up

DT: Here the lady's hand is brought in front of her face right away, so this is an inside turn?

Monique: Yes.

DT: Hand to hand, overhead, what is going on in these underarm turns?

Monique: There's a little pressure hand to hand. That helps me turn and also lets me know where he wants me to go.

Morley: More precisely, the contact is fingertips to fingertips.

DT: You mean you wouldn't do an overhead handshake during the turn? (laughs)

Morley: No way, not if you want her shoulder to stay where it is. (laughs). ...If you hold her hand in a handshake hold, it would hurt her shoulder.

DT: Morley, you founded Janosik Polish Dance Ensemble about 30 years ago, and it is still going strong today. I am wondering about a connection, was polka born in Poland?

Morley: The polka is most commonly thought to have originated in Bohemia?

DT: Is that near Poland?

Morley: It is the Czech part of Czechoslovakia. There are many polkas done in Poland, but they don’t have this bounce, the bounce that we have in Polish-American polka.

DT: Is the word “polka” connected with “Polish”, do you know?

Morley: No, it has to do with the word for field, “pol”, and the “ka” at the end is like a term of endearment.

DT: Should we mention that you danced on TV when most programs were live? What happened when you made a mistake?

Morley: (laughs) It was transmitted. It wasn't live but whatever was recorded from 7 to 8 on Monday was shown on Thursday from 10 to 11. There was no editing.

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