On count 3, a deeper bend

Again on count 3, this
time with the other leg

DT: Morley, you seem to be stepping higher than Monique in the video?

Morley: I did that for instructional purposes. Normally the feet stay closer to the ground when stepping.

Monique: When I am in place, I tend to step low to the ground, but when I am traveling I tend to lift my feet more and often to the back.

DT: Polka is a progressive dance, meaning the dance couples travel in a counterclockwise path around the dance floor. Do the usual etiquette rules apply, such as the slower dancers should travel on an inside circle to allow the faster moving dancers to travel on the outside of the circle?

Morley: (laughs) The slower dancers are everywhere and the faster dancers have to watch out at all times.

DT: So it is not an announced point that slower dancers stay to the inside.

Morley: No

Monique: It is not only the difference between the slower ones and the faster ones. There are the dancers who travel and the ones that do fancy stuff in place. For the ones that do fancy stuff in place, they have to go either in the four corners while the others are moving around, or, they will be in the middle where they will be away from traffic.

DT: Well cover both moves in place and moves around the room, traveling moves, in this lesson, with and without hops?

Monique: Uh hmmm, yes.

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