8. Pass by on the leader's right side

Pass bys are simple linear patterns where the leader stays stationary, points in a direction, and the follower travels in that direction.

The lady faces the man
on the pass by

From another angle,
the same thing.















For the leader, on 1,2, the leader does a rock step and leads the follower forward. As the leader does this rock step he should step back and to the left with his left foot on 1 so that he gets out of the way of the follower. The idea is to allow the follower a clear path to travel in a straight line. As the follower passes the leader, the leader turns sideways and does a triple push to his left. When the follower reaches the end of the line, the leader does a triple sit on 5&6.

For the follower, on 1,2, the follower does a walk walk (2 steps) in a straight line. On 3&4 the follower turns sideways and does triple push to her right. On 5&6 the follower turns and does a triple sit facing the leader.

In this pattern it is important to note the that the leader and follower's shoulders should always be parallel to each other. In addition, this pattern is all about the follower traveling and the leader staying in the same location. As the follower travels, she generates momentum which can be creatively redirected in patterns like the whip.

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