5. One hand open position to closed position

Both the leader and the follower start off in one hand open position sitting back with the leaderís weight on his right foot and the followerís weight on her left foot with a counter balance connection. The leader does a rock step on 1, 2 and as he steps back, because he is connected with the follower, the follower steps forward and does a walk, walk on 1, 2. The leader does not have to move his left arm back to lead the follower forward because his rock step motion will do that for him.

As the follower is led forward she must not allow the light connection tension to disappear but she must also not become too heavy. It is not the leader's job to drag the follower. When the follower is led forward she must travel forward in a straight line. On 3 & 4 both the leader and the follower do a triple push as the leader catches the follower coming forward and turns her to face in the same direction as the leader. Then both the leader and the follower triple sit on 5 & 6 in closed position. With her back on 3 & 4 it is important that the follower runs into, hits or is caught in the leaderís right hand so that a good closed position connection can be established which will facilitate the leaders triple push. The leader is doing a triple push to brace himself from the impact of the followers contact which should knock him off balance if he is just standing straight.

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