30. Cross Arm Roll

Up and....


He goes under.

Slingshot - she is at her backward-
most position at the same time he
hits his forwardmost position, then

She takes a long strides one
way while he moves back slightly
the other way

She comes across.

Starting from cross arm or "handshake" open position (right hand to right hand), on 1,2, the leader does a rock step and leads the follower forward on 2.

On 3 & 4, both the leader and follower triple step and the leader leads the follower by his right side and under his right arm.

By 4, the follower has reached her anchor point and is facing 180 degrees from where she started the pattern so that she does a triple step on 5 & 6 in place.

On 5 & 6, without disconnecting, the leader relaxes his right hand and does a triple step while turning counterclockwise under his right arm.

It is not evident from the video because of the angle used, but the leader is moving slightly out of the follower's path as she passes him so that she does not have to travel completely around him. After allowing her to pass, he moves back onto the track.

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