3. The Send Out

This is a six count pattern where you can go from closed position to open position.

The leader starts out with a rock step but, as opposed to stepping back with his left foot, the leader steps forward with his left foot pointing it in the direction that he wants the follower to go. The leader does a forward rock step, for 1 and 2, and then he does triple push on 3 and 4, and a triple sit on 5 and 6. As the leader steps forward on 1, he presses the follower back with his left hand and catches her on 2 with his right hand. He then points his left hand forward in the direction he wants the follower to go and presses on her back with his right hand to continue her in that direction.

The follower is led back into a regular rock step on 1, 2 then led forward into a triple push on 3 & 4 and triple sit on 5 & 6. The follower continues to travel until she reaches the end of the line. This means that a follower should travel in a straight line until she feels the leaderís left hand stopping her. There is a slight amount of tension or energy in the connecting hands when the leader and follower are separated which is called counter balance. Counter balance is the amount of force that the leader and follower exert by pulling away from one another with their body weight in the opposite direction. This pull is only slight and should by no means be used by either partner to support one anotherís entire weight. The pull is with your body weight and not with you arm muscles. You should be able to close your eyes and feel the weight of your partner.

Arm Shape:

When in open position, the leader and the followerís outstretched and connected arms should never be straight out nor should they be bent at a ninety degree angle. They should be bent comfortably in some where in between.



On count 1, she goes
back and he goes forward.

...The opposite occurs on count 2,
he goes back and
she goes forward, thus
giving a slingshot effect.

Though her body is not
facing his, she looks at
him as she passes.

Another angle of count 1
with the lady back
and the leader forward

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