29. Switches

The lady cirlces to her left
around the man. After the swivel
to her right, she brings her
feet together, her right foot
to her left foot.

On the swivel to her left, she steps
with her left foot in her direction
of travel, to her left. In this way
she travels -- left, feet together,
left, feet together, etc.

The exit: On leader's 2nd "left"
of a "left right left" the
leader rises from the counter-
balance and draws the follower
towards him. She will still
be swiveling ar the start of
the exit, as shown.

This is a classic 2 count fill step that can be used to show off the follower or wait for a break or start in the music.

The follower's footwork is swivel ball change on 1 & 2.

On 1, the follower swivels to the right.

On &, the follower steps on the ball of her right foot turning counterclockwise. That's the "ball" of swivel ball change.

On 2, the follower steps or changes, with her left foot pointing to the left (the "change" of swivel ball change).

Keep your knees and feet close together to get maximum hip rotation. Use counterbalance to keep the ball changes from getting bouncey.

The leader does tap step on 1,2, reaching back first with his left leg and tapping 1. As he does this, he moves his hand to the left. On 2, he steps in place with his left foot and turns slightly clockwise as he moves his hand to right. This is repeated with tap stepping with the right leg and so forth.

The leader should only have to move his hands for about 4 counts and then he just counter balances the follow as he does his footwork.

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