35. Sugar Push, Both Turn

He has both of her hands.

He has gone from standing straight
to standing with bent knees. He is
leading her with both hands.

He has let go of her
left hand.


From another angle: He lowers
himself and raises her arm.

He is taller than her normally,
so he has to lower himself to
her height and stay close to her.

They are still close to each
other but will shortly re-
establish some distance.

The leader starts this pattern like a tuck turn from two-hand open position by swiveling the follower on 1 and pushing her right hand back and left hand forward as he does the rock of his rock step.

The leader steps with his right on 2.

On 3, the leader raises his left hand flat against the follow's right hand in a prep to turn, he lets go with his right hand, and does a small jump crossing his right foot in front of his left foot.

He holds (does nothing) on 4.

On 5 & 6, the leader twists under his arm clockwise 360 degrees until he is facing the follower.

The follower does this pattern the same way she would do a two-hand open tuck turn.

On 1,2, the follower swivels right left.

On 3 & 4, the follower triple pushes in place while being prepped for an outside turn.

On 5 & 6, the follower triple steps clockwise 360 degrees until she is facing the leaders.

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