39. Swing Out, Both Back Turn

The figure is shown twice, above.

Because it is the better angle,
the photos here are from the
2nd time through in the video.

The lady is making a right spin
and is stopped by the leader
who catches her left hand with
his left hand and
leads her to a ....

....hands free turn to the
opposite direction while he
moves past her, also spinning.
Whether the spin is called
"Right" or "Left" is deter-
mined by the first shoulder
to the rear.

Here, both are turning left
-- their left shoulders are
leading to the back

Counts 1 through 4 are the same as with a shoulder turn release where the leader lets go of the follower's left hand on 4.

On 5, the leader pivots the follower by stepping around with his right foot and presents his left hand in front of and close to the follower so she can see it.

On 6, the leader catches the follower's right hand with his left hand, steps with his left foot and kicks with his right foot.

On 7 & 8, both the leader and follower triple around counterclockwise until they are facing each other.

End of Lindy Hop 3, "Lindy for Show-Offs"

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