34. Send Out Slide

The leader uses his right hand
on the follower's back to help

...left step on 4...

...right lunge on 5.

His left foot....

...will catch up to...

..right foot (floor permitting). He
steps left on the "&" before 6...

...and steps right on 6

Counts 1 through 4 are the same as a regular send out except on count 4 the leader maintains contact with his right hand on the follower's back. On 5 & 6, the leader sends the follower back in the direction she started from as he slides out on his right foot on 5, steps with his left foot on &, and crosses over and steps with his right foot on 6.

Though not part of the figure illustrated, this clip shows a variation after count 6. After stepping right on 6, the leader employs a variation in place of left-right on 1 - 2. He reaches back left and touch steps (no weight change) on 1, and on 2 & he does left right. So, on 3 he has his left foot free which is back to the usual pattern. Opportunities for this type of variation are ever-present and everyone is encouraged to experiment with them.

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