25. Shoulder pop, both turn, to lindy circle

A one-armed counter balance -- she is
balancing one way and he the other

The leader does two things to create
space for his own turn. First, he
steps back with his left foot (not
shown, he has already done this).
Secondly, he waits for the lady
to clear, so his turn begins after
the lady's.

Here they are "front to back". Re-
member, in dance parlance, the 1st
reference is to the leader, the
second to the follower.

Note Katherine's head is turned
in the direction of her turn
which adds a purposeful look

"Back to Front".
She has completed her turn
while the leader has only
half turned.

If the lady has her hand
already extended, the leader
will not have to grab for it

This is the same as the roll out except that the leader frees his left hand and does everything with his right arm and shoulder. Since when the leader releases his right arm he is hands-free, he has the option to turn as well, as he does here.

On 1, the leader steps back with his left foot and pivots the follower back on to her right foot by opening up his right arm.
On 2, the leader steps with his right foot and pivots his right arm such that his hand points down and his elbow points up. This leads the follower to step around clockwise with her left foot and then do a triple step on 3 & 4 so that she is facing the leader on 4.
Both leader and follower triple step in place on 5 & 6.

As mentioned, a variation would be for the leader to forego his turn. If he did so, the figure would still be a shoulder pop.

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