24. Roll Out to Lindy Circle

A stylish lean

The beginning of a slingshot or
counterbalance -- the leader
sends the lady away from him

...leading her forward. Note they
are close to each other to accomodate
the physics of the underarm turn, but
as she comes out of the turn...

...the distance is re-established.

A roll out is like a send out where the leader sends the follower out from closed position to open position in 6 counts.

On 1,2, the leader does a rock step and pivots the follower back, winding her up, into a rock step.

On 3 & 4, the leader triple steps and turns the follower counter clockwise so that she is facing him by count 4.

On 5 & 6, both the leader and follower may triple step in place, or, note in the video that the follower does a swivel swivel in place of the triple step.

Generally speaking, on counts 5 & 6, or, in an 8-count figure on counts 7 & 8, either the leader or follower could do almost any variation imaginable (limited only by one's imagination) without disturbing the flow of the dance. There are two considerations for a seamless transition from those counts to the next count 1. The first is to have the appropriate foot available to step on 1 -- the left for the leader and the right for the follower. The second is that if the variation is particularly vigorous or acrobatic, one has to be careful not to pull one's partner off balance, at least not too much.

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