26. Right Hand Pull-Through, Both Turn

Leader steps back thus
drawing the follower forward.
To get her to turn left (with
her left shoulder leading to
her rear), he will draw a "j"
with his right arm.

It's the leader's responsibility
to avoid a collision

He and she have an idea that
in order not to have to "find"
each other's hands....

...their hands will be waist-high
when they turn around to face
each other.

On 1,2, the leader does a rock step and leads the follower forward on 2.

On 3 & 4, the leader does a "j lead" with his left hand by hooking to his right and pushing forward (drawing the letter "j" on a horizontal plane). This leads the follower to turn counterclockwise as she is traveling forward.

Making way for the follower, the leader may either triple step clockwise so that both the leader and the follower do a turn (shown in the video), or, he may eliminate the turn by triple stepping counterclockwise so that he is always facing the follower.

On 5 & 6, both the leader and follower triple step in place.

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