27. Reverse Swing Out

On count 1, the leader steps
back thus leading the follower
forward. At the same time he
reaches for her waist.

Counterbalanced on 4, each
balanced away from the other.

Count 4 over, ready to step...

...5. She is slightly forward
of him.

On count 6, he releases his
right hand (before the triple
step on 7&8.)

On 1,2, the leader does a rock step and leads the follower forward on 2.

On 3 & 4, both leader and follower triple step as the leader leads the follower to his left side and the leader counter balances with the follower at 4, facing 180 degrees from where they started.

On 5, the leader steps back and behind the follower with his right foot as the follower passes him with her left step. In the video, during the first time through the follower is only slightly past the leader on 5, and on the 2nd time is more so.

On 6, the leader steps in place with his left foot and as the follower separates from him he releases his right hand from her back. The follower turns and faces the leader as she steps with her right foot (last photo, left).

On 7 & 8, both leader and follower triple step in place, or, do any replacement for the triple step which is inspired by the moment.

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