28. Pull Through Reverse Swing Out

The "j lead" to get her to
travel and turn in this direction

As she is turning to her left,
he will release her left hand
and put the releasing hand (his
right hand) on her back.

When she is turning that fast,
you grab what you can grab. Here
the leader first contacts her
lower forearm before sliding
down to her hand in the next

The closed position, if only
for a count or 2.

This pattern combines both the right hand pull-through and the reverse swing out.

On 1,2, the leader does a rock step and leads the follower forward on 2.

On 3 & 4, the leader does a "j lead" with his left hand by hooking to his right and pushing forward. This leads the follower to turn counterclockwise as she is traveling forward. The leader counter balances with the follower at 4, facing 180 degrees from where they started. On 5, the lead steps back and behind the follower with his right foot as the follower steps forward with her left foot.

On 6, the leader steps in place with his left foot. As the follower moves away from him, he releases his right arm from her back. The follower turns and faces the leader as she steps with her right foot.

On 7 & 8, both leader and follower triple step in place (as in the video), or, do any variation or replacement for the standard triple step.

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