36. Leader's Free Spin

"Spin, Hand, Kick". Here goes.

The push off for the "Spin".


....Still spinning (nice smiles)....

....takes her hand ("Hand") and....

..."Kicks". That's it. "Spin, Hand, Kick."

Counts 1 through 4 are the same as in a whip. This prep motion is necessary to generate the energy for the spin.

On 5, the leader jumps out on his right foot facing away from the follower. He uses his right hand to stop the follower.

On 6, he swings around with his left foot, lets go of the follower with his right hand and spins clockwise.

He catches the follow's outstretched hand on 7 and counter balances and kicks on the 8.

When the follower sees the leader spinning it is important for her to keep her right hand out and ready for the leader to grab. The follower can swivel in place while the leader is spinning. The spin could be slower with the leader not kicking until after count 8, in which case the follower smiles and waits.

Perhaps this is a good place to point out that, for instructional purposes, the music here is slow-ish. A quicker tempo (if not the figure itself) may make it difficult to do this.

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