31. Lenny Kicks

"Kick, Replace, Ankle, Forward"
is a memory shortcut for the
leader. Above is "kick".

The "Replace". His left foot re-
places the right foot in the same
or close to the same footprint.
There is a moment that the leader's
weight is on neither foot.

The "ankle". The right foot
steps behind the left ankle
thus nudging it...

"Forward". Thus, "Kick, Replace,
Ankle, Forward"

This is a sugar push pattern named after Lenny Smith who performed a pattern similar to this in a movie called Swing Fever.

On 1,2, the leader does a rock step leading the follower forward on 2.

On 3, as the leader compresses with the follower, the leader kicks across to the right with his left foot.

On 4, he steps down with his left foot which is crossed over his right and raises his right foot back.

On the & between 4 & 5, the lead steps down with his right foot kicking out his left foot. There is a very brief moment when both feet are off the floor, or, if either is touching the floor, there is no weight thereon. To do this, the leader must lift or hop with his right foot.

On 5 & 6, he does a kick ball change kicking out on 5 with his left foot at a 45 degree angle to the left.

An "unconscious" leader's variation --noticed only after the video was processed -- appears on the & between 3 & 4. Before placing weight on the left foot (in the right footprint), the leader touches down with the point of his left foot slightly to the right of the right footprint. This occurs in the first rendition of the figure in the video, but not in the second.

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