32. Lady's Self-Led Turn ("Irene Turns")

She is about to go off...

...on her own volition. The
leader is not leading or coaxing
this turn.

He allows his arm to raise
to accomodate the turn.

This "follower-self-led" turn is named after Irene Thomas who performed a pattern similar to this in a movie called "Stage Door Canteen." Irene was known for her creativity and ability to surprise the leader.

The follower can do this "self-turn" at the end of any pattern where on 5 & 6 or 7 & 8 the follower is holding onto the leader with only her right hand. On the last triple of the pattern (5 & 6 on a 6-count pattern, and 7 & 8 on an 8-count pattern) the follower triple steps and turns clockwise under her left arm.

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