Editor's Introduction to Advanced Lindy Hop
First, a technical note. Lindy 3 movies use DanceTutor's new software so that the screen size has doubled while the download time remains the same. The inconvenience this will cause a few is that the old DanceTutor videos required Quicktime 4 or later; the new videos require Quicktime 5 or later. If you do not already have version 5 or later, you will have to upgrade (currently version 6) at www.apple.com/quicktime/download (note: all small letters in the web address). DanceTutor videos play equally well on the free and Pro ($29) versions of Quicktime. If you hear the audio but there is no video playing, you have Quicktime 4 and will have to upgrade.

As dancer-author Paul Salter mentioned in the introduction to Lindy Hop 1:

Lindy hop is the great American folk dance. It was a form of dancing that was created in New York and was derived from the charleston. Supposedly, it got it’s name around the time when Charles Lindbergh had just flown across the Atlantic. At the time, a reporter asked a group of New York dancers what type of dancing they were doing and they said that they were doing the “Lindy Hop.”

This is the 3rd level of lindy and perhaps if there were more resources available, this should be the 10th level so as to make a more easily digestible transition from the beginning in Lindy 1 to the awesome figures of level 3. We figure that more than a few dancers who took Lindy 2 are shaking their heads at the description of that section as "intermediate level". We agree with them. In retrospect, we think that section is quite advanced. But as the people who brought you "intermediate" Lindy 2, take it from us -- Lindy 3 has a lot of fun moves, some of them difficult and some of them really difficult.

We continue with our policy of not impeding the copying of our videos by our dance students for their own use. Heck, we encourage it. We even explain how to do it in our Frequently Asked Questions section! Sure, it takes some pressure off our transmission costs, but we also like the image. Today, in 48 countries around the world, -- for whenever there are 12 seconds to spare -- dancers are double-clicking DanceTutor videos on their desktops. What could be better than that!

DanceTutor is not expecting a big turnout for Lindy 3 because most dancers could not do or would not be interested in learning such advanced figures. But if you are up for it, here they are, all carefully explained and danced.

As always, good luck and keep dancin'!

-- DanceTutor
April 24, 2003

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