37. Flying Lindy (to slower music)

There is a lot happening. We'll
address the leader's movements on
this page and the follower's on
the next (same photos on each page)

The leader's right foot is forward

Still on the right foot,
He releases the lady and...

...jumps onto his left foot and
kicks back with his right. The
jump and the kick are not simul-
taneous-- first the jump, then the
kick. If you watch the video closely
before kicking back the leader lifts
his knee a little to the front. (it's
already happened and not shown in the photo)

The right foot comes down behind
the left ankle and gives the
appearance of kicking the
left foot out (that's the left
foot shown kicking here). From
this kicking position, he will....

...lift the kicking knee and...

...set it down.

For the leader, on 1 & 2, the leader kick ball changes starting with his left foot as the follower swivels right left.

On 3 & 4 both the leader and follower can either do a triple step or a hold step.

On 5, the leader jumps forward on to his right foot facing away from the follower.

On 6, he pivots 180 degrees, steps on his left foot and kicks forward with his right foot.

On 7. He hops on his left foot and kicks back with his right foot. On the & between 7 & 8, he steps with his right foot crossing behind and kicking out his left foot.

On 8, he kicks forward with his left foot. On the next 1 & 2, the leader can do a kick ball change by kicking back with his left foot on 1.

For the follower, on the & between 4 & 5, she jumps out on her left foot and faces the leader.

On 5, she kicks forward with her right foot.

On the & between, 5 & 6, she jumps on to her right leg.

On 6, she kicks forward with her left leg.

On & 7 & 8, the follower steps with her left leg on &, and does a kick ball swivel on 7 & 8 kicking forward with her right foot on 7, stepping with her left on & and stepping with her right swiveling to the left on 8.

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