23. The Quick Stop

The quick stop is a great pattern for hitting breaks or ending a song.

Counts 1 through 4 are the same as the basic whip for both the leader and follower except that the leader changes his his left hand connection to prepare for the move. Changing from his regular pistol grip, he turns his hand so that his palm is facing upward and the follower's right hand is on top of his palm with her palm facing down. The leader makes this hand change during 3&4. The rest of the pattern is as follows:

For the leader:

On 5, the leader pivots around 180 degrees with his left foot and steps with his right. At the same time he raises his left arm face level to prep for the quick stop. On 6, he sits back on his left leg, allows the follower to turn, and brings his left hand down to lock her in place after she has completed her pose. If the follower does this pattern and finishes on 6, the leader can hold on 7 and then step left right on &8. If the follower finishes the pattern on 7, there is no hold and the leader steps left right on &8.

For the follower:
On 5, she pivots around 180 degrees on her left foot and steps with her right foot. On 6, because her arm has been raised for a turn, the follower turns under her right arm by stepping and turning clockwise 180 with her right foot. With all her weight on her right foot, and feeling the leader pulling back from the follower, she pivots on her right foot allowing her left leg to twist behind her right leg. If the follower completes her pose on 6, she holds on 7 and then brings her feet together and puts her weight on her left foot on 8. If the follower finishes her pose on 7 there is no hold and she brings her feet together putting her weight on her left foot on 8.

From this position, upstraight
and with right leg forward, she
will turn around and drop down...


...to this position.

Both are supporting the
other, but no so much
that one would quickly
fall if the other let

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